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An open letter to Governor Murphy concerning Red Bank Regional's The SOURCE

Governor Murphy,

On behalf of the Red Bank Regional community, we invite you to meet with us at your earliest availability and visit the faculty, staff, and students representing the SOURCE, a school-based youth services program. As your administration looks to extend the School Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP) through the 2024 school year, we wish to highlight the immediate, hands-on assistance Red Bank Regional’s students have come to trust in the services the SOURCE has been providing them with.

Since 2000, The SOURCE has provided comprehensive counseling services, prevention programming, advocacy, academic support, employment services, community forums, and more at no cost to students and community members in need. Additionally, through culturally inclusive and responsive programming, the SOURCE has led the charge to reverse mental health stigma by appealing to students’ diverse and frequently changing needs.

As one of the leading programs on the state's front lines of mental health and wellness, the SOURCE can provide invaluable consultation on the impact their school-based youth services program has had and how their best-in-class methods can be replicated across the state. Doing so will ensure that every student has an opportunity to experience the exceptional level of care organizations like the SOURCE currently offer.

We hope you take this opportunity to visit the SOURCE with us to understand better how their dedicated team helps improve mental health and wellness awareness in the community—looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the SOURCE soon.


Assemblywoman Marilyn Piperno & Assemblywoman Kim Eulner

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