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Assemblywomen Celebrate End of Unnecessary COVID-19 Testing Mandate

After calling for months to end the unfair policy, Assemblywomen Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner are celebrating today after Governor Murphy finally lifted his COVID-testing mandate for unvaccinated teachers, school employees, workers at child care facilities, state employees, and state contractors who aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19.

Frustratingly though, even after the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that testing healthy students and employees were no longer recommended, the Governor was still slow to update the policy.

“It’s common sense that forcing healthy teachers and state employees to submit to unnecessary and expensive COVID testing was wrong. We’ve been calling for this change for months, and I’m glad the Governor is finally paying attention,” Piperno stated.

“The CDC long ago confirmed that people are contracting and spreading COVID regardless of their vaccination status. Why would we constantly test the unvaccinated yet require no testing for the vaccinated?” questioned Eulner.

The move ends the discriminatory policy against the unvaccinated over their personal health decisions, ends the “unvaccinated” surcharge of paying for unnecessary and costly testing, and puts them back on equal footing with their peers.

The Assemblywomen also pointed out that other front-line heroes have also been negatively impacted by Murphy’s unnecessary and harmful mandates, specifically correction officers and nurses.

“For Murphy, it’s not about people or public safety, it’s about politics. His hypocritical actions are taking a toll on our essential workforce and straining already understaffed departments,” said Piperno.

“Already overworked and stressed to the max in a hostile environment, it’s time the Governor steps up and finally supports these workers” Eulner stated.

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