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Nursing Home Investigation Committee Sponsors Question Timing of Governor’s Pandemic Handling Review

Assemblywomen Kim Eulner and Marilyn Piperno (R, LD11-Monmouth) released a statement today criticizing Governor Murphy's delayed announcement of a review of the state's COVID-19 response. The Monmouth County Legislators took issue with the timing of the Governor's investigation for political gain.

"Despite the questionable timing of releasing a report reviewing the state's handling of the pandemic after an election, such investigation is long overdue, particularly concerning nursing homes. More than half of New Jersey's coronavirus fatalities were at long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, and can be attributed to the state's negligence in providing the necessary oversight to protect this vulnerable population."

"While families across the country were displaced and trapped in their homes during an emergency, New Jersey's response to COVID-19 was not just a failure but an utter disgrace. It's time for New Jersey's leaders to take responsibility, and we urge the New Jersey Legislature to pass AR143/SR48 today."

Earlier this May, the Assemblywomen introduced Assembly Resolution 143, establishing a special committee of the General Assembly to investigate all executive orders, legislation, regulation, and State policies on nursing homes, residents and their families, and nursing home employees during the pandemic.

It has since been referred to the Assembly Health Committee but has yet to be considered for a vote. Its Senate counterpart, SR48, was moved to relieve from the Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee by Democratic Prime Sponsor, Senator Nia Gill. However, the Senate Democratic Majority tabled the Motion mainly upon party lines.

"As elected officials, we must do everything in our power to protect our most vulnerable residents across the state," added fellow sponsor, Assemblywoman Michele Matsikoudis (R, LD21-Union)."AR143 will provide much-needed transparency and accountability into the state's pandemic response, restore a balance of power between branches of government, and hopefully provide clear lessons and a framework on how to best approach crises that may arise."

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