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Piperno and Eulner Introduce Legislation to Help Farmers and Enhance Food Security

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The Assemblywomen from the 11th Legislative District announced today they are introducing new legislation to help New Jersey farmers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Food and regional agriculture is New Jersey's third largest industry. Coming out of the pandemic, our farmers and small businesses are still struggling, and they need our support,” said Piperno.

The bill would establish a State program to purchase agricultural food products from New Jersey farmers who cannot sell their products due to market disruptions or food supply chain issues. Then, based on need, The New Jersey Department of Agriculture will distribute any agricultural products purchased to free and reduced-price school breakfast and lunch programs and food banks.

So far this year, the Governor has signed seven bills passed by the legislature to combat hunger and enhance food security. The Assemblywomen voted in favor of each piece of legislation.

“We hope our bill will garner the same attention to help those in need, ensuring no one, especially school children, goes hungry,” added Piperno.

The Assemblywomen also introduced Assembly Bill 4245 this June, authorizing the use or sale of ground-harvested fruit to produce alcohol, cider, baked goods, or other value-added products in compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Ground-harvested fruit that unintentionally comes in contact with the ground may not be used for human consumption unless sufficient regulatory processing steps such as pasteurization occur. Currently, the State does not permit the use or sale of ground-harvested fruit.

“By permitting the use or sale of ground-harvested fruit, we are presenting our Garden State farmers an opportunity to earn additional income by providing safe New Jersey products that promote sustainability and highlight the best of what New Jersey has to offer,” said Eulner.


Assemblywomen Kim Eulner and Marilyn Piperno represent the 11th Legislative District in New Jersey's General Assembly, comprised of the following towns in Monmouth County: Allenhurst, Asbury Park, Colts Neck, Deal, Eatontown, Freehold Borough, Freehold Township, Interlaken, Loch Arbour, Long Branch, Neptune City, Neptune Township, Ocean Township, Red Bank, Shrewsbury Borough, Shrewsbury Township, Tinton Falls, and West Long Branch.

If you require assistance or have any suggestions or ideas to help the district, please call the 11th Legislative District Assembly office at (732) 268-8968 or email

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