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Piperno, Eulner Release Statement Celebrating Overturn of Costly Electrification Mandate

Last week, state environmental officials backtracked their proposal mandating the use of electric boilers in most commercial and government buildings, which would have imposed significant financial costs on businesses and local governments. In response to the announcement, The Monmouth County legislators issued a statement celebrating what they called a considerable victory for small businesses, trade associations, and taxpayers alike.

"This is a victory for our local businesses and taxpayers," said Piperno and Eulner. "We are pleased to see state officials acknowledge the very real costs that would have been imposed on our local businesses had this proposal gone forward. We thank everyone who contacted their legislators and voiced their opposition to this proposal, which was clearly burdensome, costly, and unnecessary."

The Assemblywomen also expressed concern about the lack of transparency surrounding the proposal in its early stages and quickly cosponsored Assembly Bill 3935. The bipartisan bill seeks to prohibit the adoption of regulations mandating the use of electric heating systems until the Department of Community Affairs issues a report on costs and benefits. Subsequent studies of the Energy Master Plan have projected it would cost the state of New Jersey $525 billion or an estimated $56,450 for each state resident.

Added the Assemblywomen "To ensure transparency surrounding the cost of clean energy technology adoption, we have proudly signed on to cosponsor A3935 and encourage everyone to contact their legislators today and tell them they must pass Assembly bill 3935."

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