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Senate Committee Passes Eulner Bill Combatting Auto Theft Trafficking

This week, the New Jersey Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee passed Senate Bill 3006 (S3006), which seeks to heighten penalties for repeat convictions of certain motor vehicle-related crimes in the state.

The bill increases the amount of time an individual may receive for committing these crimes and toughens criminal penalties for repeat offenders. It also introduces new criminal offenses for participating in auto theft trafficking networks and for persistent auto theft trafficking offenders.

The Assembly version of the bipartisan legislation, A4595, sponsored by Assemblywoman Kim Eulner (R-Monmouth), was introduced in September to provide a comprehensive strategy to combat the state’s rising auto theft trafficking issue.

“I’m proud that the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee has passed this significant legislation and am hopeful the Assembly version will soon follow,” said Eulner. “By increasing penalties for repeat offenders and targeting auto theft trafficking networks, this bill will help to bring down this criminal enterprise and make us all safer.”

In response to the rapidly escalating auto theft problem in the state, the bill intends to diminish the amount of car thefts and associated violent crime. It is one of 14 bills sponsored by Eulner and her seatmate Marilyn Piperno (R-Monmouth) who cosponsors the legislation.

Piperno commented, “This bill serves as a major step forward in combating the growing auto theft crisis, and its increased penalties for repeat offenders and targeting of auto theft trafficking networks aims to better protect citizens of New Jersey.”

For now, S3006 awaits further action in the Senate. A4595 requires additional consideration and passage by the Assembly Judiciary committee before it can be heard by the General Assembly. If passed, the bill would go into effect immediately.

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